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About Pixie Lily

The first of these tiny “couture” creations came to be following the birth of Pixie Lily designer Leda Jackson’s daughter Suzanne. Upon her arrival, this lucky baby girl was dressed in a gown that had been made for her great-grandfather, Count Hughes Jules de la Vergne. In fact nearly all of Suzanne’s layette was steeped in the artistry of her French and Southern ancestors from Louisiana to South Carolina.

Having grown accustomed to such finery, with her newborn, Leda wanted to fill out baby Suzanne’s wardrobe with some new gowns and basics to reflect her own simple, chic aesthetic. Unable to put her hands on exactly what she had in mind, this sewing class flunkie took needle and thread to airy cotton batiste and fashioned a day gown. And so, the very first Pixie Lily was born.

In 2000, Leda officially opened the doors of Pixie Lily proper and began creating layettes - from bonnets to blankets – for today’s babies that mirror the quality and simplicity of her own family heirlooms. With “no fuss” elegance and attention to detail, Pixie Lily has become a featured product line in over 500 national and international specialty boutiques and the must have layette for celebrity mothers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariska Hargitay, Brooke Shields and Rachel Weisz.

Leda resides in historic downtown Charleston with her husband Edward and children, Suzanne and Chisolm, and five chickens.