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About Henley Brands


Henley Design

Henley’s design aesthetic straddles the Atlantic - having one foot in finely engineered European design and the other foot in the practical functionality of classic American goods – often termed a “Yankee Sensibility.” We continue to build our line of heirloom gifts that are classic enough and well-built enough to be handed down through generations - rather than disposed of at the end of a season. Our highly practical pieces are made all over the world, with a remarkable passion for the authenticity and craftsmanship of a bygone era. At each stage in the product development and manufacturing process we ask ourselves, “What would Henley do?” Decades of combined experience designing, creating and curating high-quality products provides clear answers.

What is in a gift?

Anyone can buy a present, but gift giving is an art. It’s an intuition, a sixth sense. It’s the confidence that a surprise will be met with a smile. The art of gifting is about anticipating your friends’ aspirations. A good gift needs to be authentic, timeless, purposeful and even romantic – the romance of solo travel, spy novels and a John Wayne western. A good gift combines practicality with possibility.

Company Background

Henley Brands was founded with the idea of creating heirloom quality products with a vintage look and feel. Items created by the Henley Brands team have been sold at high end retail chains for over a decade.

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