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Amber Black Vanilla collection with 1 products
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Celery Thyme collection with 1 products
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Chamomile Lavender  collection with 5 products
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Champagne collection with 3 products
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Daffodil collection with 3 products
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Duchess Peony collection with 7 products
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Feu de Bois collection with 2 products
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Fleurs de Baies collection with 6 products
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Fresh Cut Gardenia collection with 4 products
Fresh Cut Gardenia 4 products    
Mint Tisane collection with 1 products
Mint Tisane 1 product    
Moonglow Apricot  collection with 2 products
Moonglow Apricot 2 products    
Rosemary Eucalyptus 1 product    
Sea and Dune  collection with 1 products
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Water Hyacinth collection with 1 products
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LAFCO is the brainchild of former lawyer and self confessed body care junkie Jon Bresler who started the company over 20 years ago. Beginning with the most basic element of body care: soap, Jon found the incredible Ach Brito factory in Portugal and partnered with them to create a new line called Claus Porto. Consisting at the time of five classic fragrances (most of which are still best sellers today), the old-fashioned bars with their brightly colored packaging caused a sensation by selling in the retail worlds of fashion, lifestyle, apothecary and tabletop all at the same time. The trend of the oversized soap bar was born.