Anna Weatherley Simply Anna - Antique Tea Saucer in Beaumont, Texas
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Anna Weatherley ~ Simply Anna - Antique ~ Tea Saucer

$43.00 Tea Saucer
Diameter: 6.0"

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Anna Weatherley
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  1. Entirely hand-painted works of art in the Old Masters style from Hungary, making it a collectible work of art, no different than fine art on canvas. Each piece is an original.
  2. Unique designs in extremely limited production destined to be the valued antiques of generations to come.
  3. Available through the world’s finest retail establishments.
  4. White European porcelain body delivers strength, durability.
  5. Diverse pallet of design, all with mix & match capability, allowing every piece to work together.
care & disclosure
It is recommended to wash this product by hand due to the delicate nature of the decoration.
The product is in compliance with all FDA guidelines regarding lead and cadmium release.
Guaranteed against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the product.